How much money do WordPress developers make?

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WordPress powers more than 34% of all active web pages. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there is a significant need for WordPress developers in the labour market today. In order to manage and create WordPress websites in a scalable way and make them helpful for their consumers, seeking to constantly enhance the user experience, WordPress developers are needed in all sectors, for all sizes of businesses.
WordPress developer salaries are thus among the most paid wages.
This article will assist you in understanding the various compensation packages provided to WordPress developers in India, whether you are a recent graduate seeking employment as a WordPress developer or a mid-level professional wishing to move to WordPress development.

But before we cover the average and particular role-based WordPress Developers’ salaries in India, let’s quickly review what a WordPress developer is and the numerous responsibilities and needs they’re expected to do.

A developer for WordPress is who?

Web developers that focus on WordPress development for building and managing websites are known as WordPress developers. WordPress development is mostly about getting the design and layout correct and concentrating on integrations and plugin additions for building a holistic website experience, as opposed to conventional HTML-based websites that need to be created from scratch.

Because of this, WordPress developers are adept at building a WordPress website from the ground up and providing it with useful plugins and functionality. Because PHP powers WordPress and when faults can’t be repaired quickly, the developer must go into the raw PHP code to find a remedy, advanced WordPress developers are also intermediate-to-expert in understanding and debugging PHP.
WordPress programmers who want to sell their themes to various online marketplaces may also work as theme developers. Overall, WordPress developers will be in charge of working on all three components of a website:
the frontend (how it appears), the backend (how data is kept), and the user interaction, regardless of where they are in their professional careers.

Additionally, they are in charge of monitoring changes to pertinent plugins or to WordPress itself. The responsibility for identifying the issue and devising a solution rests on the WordPress developer since sometimes, an update to one plugin may crash with and impair the functionality of another plugin.

Here is an example of a WordPress developer’s usual workflow:

discussing website needs and project requirements in-depth with customers or stakeholders.

Depending on the project specifications, starting from scratch or looking for a relevant WordPress theme.

designing the front end and back end framework of the website.

creating and setting up various WordPress plugins.

A/B testing is being done to see which fit is best for the website.

Keep track of the performance of the website, including its responsiveness, load time, page size, and other parameters.

resolving any issue with WordPress that affects both the website and the core WordPress code. as necessary, instructing team members and clients.

If you’re interested in web development but aren’t sure which platform to start with, WordPress may be the ideal option. It not only provides a rather easy-to-use drag and drop builder, but it also enables you to add various plugins to the website to give it the strength you want. It’s important to answer a question you may have at this time, namely, what is the typical WordPress Developer pay in India?

How much do WordPress developers make on average in India?

Despite the fact that pay is something that relies on many aspects, including experience, the typical WordPress developer’s salary is close to $400,000. A WordPress developer with two to three years of experience makes this amount of money. The starting compensation for new hires searching for entry-level WordPress developer employment will be about $300,000. The compensation range for senior WordPress developers, who have even more expertise, is around 1,000,000 per year.

WordPress Developers Job Opportunities with Salaries

In the current technological age, almost all businesses, regardless of their industry, largely depend on their development teams, particularly those working on their websites. Since both the official website and the client’s website are vitally essential, it is the website creation team’s responsibility to ensure their availability. WordPress is also more often searched for than other website construction tools, with 2,740,000 searches each month.

This demonstrates the significance of WordPress in the modern business environment, demonstrating how companies and developers alike recognise WordPress’ value as a comprehensive website creation platform and use it to migrate or build new websites. As a result, depending on how many years of experience you have as a WordPress developer, there are many different opportunities accessible. However, positions like theme developer or freelance developer totally depend on your connections and skill set. We’ll discuss them later. Discover several career opportunities for WordPress developers, along with pertinent wages, by continuing to read!

1. Intern WordPress Developers

Fresh graduates that are passionate about web development and are searching for some practical experience can apply for this job profile. The duties of a WordPress Developer Intern won’t be particularly broad; they’ll largely focus on configuring WordPress website layouts, searching for pertinent themes, and similar duties. As a consequence, if you’re interested in web development but aren’t acquainted with WordPress, a position as a WordPress Developer Intern could be a suitable fit for you. In this position, you’ll get to master most of the nuances of working with WordPress, which will serve as your foundation moving forward.

Your attention at this point should be more on the lessons you take away from your experience than on the money you earn. In light of this, the anticipated remuneration for a WordPress Developer Intern job might range from $15,000 to $20,000 per month, depending on the specifics of your duties as the developer. If all of your efforts are limited to improving the website’s layout, it might also be 15,000 yen. However, don’t panic; this is just the first rung on the ladder!

2. A WordPress Junior Developer

Your duties as a junior WordPress developer will expand to include website maintenance in addition to layout development. You may be in charge of maintaining the website’s uptime and working on both the front and back ends, depending on the company you work for.

You must have some documented experience working with WordPress websites in order to get hired as a junior WordPress developer. Your work from your internship, a side project you worked on, or anything else you wish to highlight may be included here.

Junior WordPress developers often work for development firms or as in-house developers for specific businesses. You’ll be working on several WordPress projects in the first scenario, but in the second, you’ll be concentrating mostly on the company’s WordPress website. In both situations, the average yearly wage for a junior WordPress developer is roughly $308,757. However, this is not a set amount and fluctuates according to the size of the company you work for and the scope of the job they need from you. In general, a junior WordPress developer’s monthly income will range from $25,000 to $35,000.

3. Senior WordPress developers Programmer

Senior WordPress developers are in charge of more than simply designing websites’ layouts, adding plugins, or storing data. A little understanding of PHP will go a long way in this position as you will be required to be familiar with the ins and outs of the WordPress codebase as a Senior WordPress Developer. Senior WordPress developers often oversee a group of younger developers, therefore they are also in charge of their education.

Your yearly income as a Senior WordPress developer will exceed 500,000. This number truly has no upper bound and is subject to change as you alter the underlying factors, like experience, organisational structure, tasks, and responsibilities. As a Senior WordPress developer, you can expect to make, on average, between $35,000 and $55,000 a month. This is typical with 4-6 years of expertise. The sum varies significantly as you mature and acquire expertise; after 8–10 years, you’ll likely be earning more than £70,000–£80,000 per month.

4. Lead WordPress Developers

WordPress Development Lead is a specialised position, and most businesses only employ a Senior WordPress Developer to handle all team lead responsibilities. However, a WordPress Development Lead is often needed by several firms and big businesses that employ numerous employees. You are in charge of ensuring end-to-end efficiency in all WordPress-related duties and projects for the company as the WordPress Development Lead.

You’ll collaborate closely with database developers, junior and senior WordPress developers, and designers. As a team lead for WordPress development, your responsibilities will be primarily focused on engaging with customers and stakeholders, disseminating knowledge to your colleagues, and completing the task as quickly as possible.

You should be proficient in PHP at this point and responsible for maintaining the WordPress core codebase. Despite being uncommon, this career pays handsomely. A WordPress Development Lead makes $1,000,000 a year, and their pay becomes better with experience.

5. Team Lead for Web Development

WordPress Development Team Lead is a subset of the larger employment type known as Web Development Team Lead. Since web development includes WordPress development, some businesses that focus on creating websites or other web-based products typically have a Web Development Team Lead who collaborates closely with all web developers, including those who work on WordPress, HTML, Python, PHP, Ruby, and other platforms. A web development team leader is often someone with 15+ years of experience who is capable of handling various challenges and has a working grasp of all the various web development technologies.

Although the Web Development Team Lead position involves knowledge and experience, the remuneration is closer to the higher of $1,200,000 per year.

6. WordPress developer working freelance

WordPress developers working independently are not connected to any companies or government agencies. They do freelance work for various customers on a project- or hourly basis. For someone searching for stability, this is a relatively challenging career path. However, nothing should prevent you from starting out as a freelance WordPress developer provided you have confidence in your abilities and sufficient network.

Salaries for independent WordPress developers are highly influenced by your level of expertise and the spending power of the customer. They also rely on the WordPress website’s page count and other elements. It would be wise for you to speak with actual Freelance WordPress developers to get a sense of the rates and other details if you want to go forward with becoming one. They could even provide a reference for you.

7. A developer of WordPress themes

WordPress Theme Developers may work as full-time contractors or freelance contributors for businesses like Us (as a developer), which enables users to purchase and sell themes. Once again, the pay in this place is not set and cannot even be bracketed. It completely depends on how many downloads or sales your theme can generate. If you’re considering a career in WordPress theme development, you must visit several websites that sell WordPress themes to get a sense of the costs so you can get started.

What does the future hold for Indian WordPress developers?

WordPress developers are masters in web development, therefore they’ll be in demand for a very long time. The need for web developers, particularly WordPress developers, won’t be slowing down anytime soon as more and more businesses get online and either redesign their outdated websites or build new ones.

Additionally, WordPress gives developers the advantage of working in more than 62 languages, guaranteeing that no matter the company’s target audience, they can pick the language of their choice for their website. This is important in today’s hyperconnected world. Additionally, WordPress has an infinite number and diversity of plugins that may address the majority of website-related issues.
Therefore, studying WordPress could be a smart next step in your profession, regardless of whether you’re a newbie interested in web development or someone with expertise. You may start with any of the many online courses and books that are available. It’s important to start with it because once you do, it will grow steadily simpler.

The need for WordPress developers is anticipated to increase over the next several years, and the future of Website designing seems to be quite bright. However, there is a shortage of skills that must be filled. Therefore, the time has come to learn and practice WordPress programming if you really want to stand out in the field of WordPress development.

Start now, although slowly.


One of the most reliable and well-known website development platforms today now on the market, WordPress has endured and improved with each passing year. WordPress is also not too tough to learn. It all comes down to being familiar with the UI and understanding what goes where. After it is resolved, you may start playing with WordPress and developing new layouts and features!

We hope that this post has given you a better understanding of the various WordPress developer pay scales in India. Please leave a comment below if you have any recommendations about this.

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