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Feeling like your small business is a lone voice lost in the Kolkata crowd? 

You are not alone. In the competitive city of joy, standing out can be a challenge, especially without the right tools. But fear not, fellow entrepreneur! At Somrajita, we’re more than just a “kolkata public relations agency” or a “pr company kolkata”. We are your megaphone, ready to blast your brand story beyond the rooftops and into the hearts (and minds) of your target audience

Level Up Your Local Brand


Tired of being invisible in a crowded market? 78% of small businesses feel unheard. Then, confidently introduce your solution: We bridge the gap between your business and your audience, driving growth through impactful PR.

Many people like you, searching for “small business pr kolkata” or “best pr agency for startups kolkata” but coming up empty? We get it. Finding the right fit can be daunting. But unlike generic “digital pr agency kolkata” agencies, we specialize in crafting tailor-made PR strategies that ignite growth for businesses like yours.

small business PR

Get Media Coverage Without the Big Agency Price

We’ll show you exactly why we’re considered the best pr agency for startups Kolkata and a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes

Here’s how we’ll make your brand roar:

  • Amplify Your Voice: Forget shouting into the void! We’ll secure impactful media coverage in top Kolkata publications, online platforms, and even national media outlets, boosting your brand awareness kolkata like never before.
  • Build a Buzz: From strategic press releases to captivating social media campaigns, we’ll generate the buzz you need to increase brand awareness kolkata and attract new customers kolkata.
  • Become a Credible Force: Our expert media relations in Kolkata will establish you as a thought leader in your industry, building a rock-solid brand reputation kolkata that drives trust and loyalty.
  • Dominate the Digital Sphere: We’ll optimize your online presence and craft powerful content that boosts online presence kolkata, ensuring your brand becomes the talk of the digital town.
  • Results on a Budget: We understand the struggles of pr on a budget kolkata. That’s why we offer transparent pricing and customized packages to fit your needs, proving that effective PR doesn’t have to break the bank.
  • Print isn’t dead, it’s just targeted! We land you features in local publications with an average readership of 20,000.

Stop wondering how to find a pr agency in kolkata or cost of pr services in Kolkata. Let us be your one-stop PR solution. 

Time to Introduce Your Brand to Millions of people.

Build Trust, Build Customers, Build Business: PR with Somrajita

best PR agency in kolkata
"Before Somrajita, my authentic Kolkata restaurant was struggling to get noticed. Somrajita's PR magic landed us features in top Indian publications and local Kolkata media, skyrocketing our customer base. We're now a must-visit spot for foodies in the city! Thank you, Somrajita!"
Rajeev Gupta
Founder of "Flavors of Kolkata"
"Somrajita's digital PR strategy transformed my small Kolkata handicrafts business into a national sensation. Their creative social media campaigns and influencer partnerships connected us with a wider audience, leading to a surge in online sales and recognition. Somrajita is the best PR agency for small businesses in Kolkata!"
Priyanka Singh
CEO of "Kolkata Handicrafts"
"As a doctor in Kolkata, building trust was crucial. Somrajita's media relations expertise helped us establish our clinic as a leading healthcare provider in the city. Their positive press coverage and community outreach initiatives built the trust and reputation we needed to thrive. Somrajita is a true asset for any Kolkata business!"
Dr. Anirban Roy
Director of "Kolkata Medical Clinic"
"Somrajita's understanding of the Kolkata fashion scene is unmatched. They crafted a PR campaign that put my boutique on the map, attracting fashionistas from all over India. Their social media expertise and influencer collaborations helped us build a loyal online following and establish ourselves as a trendsetter in Kolkata fashion. Somrajita is the best!"
Maya Sharma
Founder of "Kolkata Fashion Boutique"
"Somrajita got our Kolkata tech startup the attention it deserved. Their media relations and thought leadership campaigns positioned us as a disruptor in the industry, attracting investors and talent. We wouldn're be where we are today without Somrajita's strategic PR guidance. They're the best PR agency for startups in Kolkata!"
Nivedita Sukla
Real Tech Start-up

Boost Brand Awareness| Attract Leads| Drive Growth| Get Media Coverage| Build Buzz| Dominate Online| Results Beyond Price| Transform Your Brand| Achieve Success :- Somrajita Makes it Happen

We’re also happy to address any questions you may have about “hire a pr consultant kolkata” or “pr for small businesses kolkata”.

Just give us a shout! 🗣️

We have both National and International Plan.

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