How to start my Blogging Career

Learn blogging, creating content, and SEO.

blogging career

You can start by learning all the basics of blogging. It is important to know what kind of blogs you want to write before you get started. You should also understand the basics of content writing and keywords, as they are a huge part of blogging.
Next, you need to have a basic understanding of marketing plans and social media. Social media plays an important role in blogging so it’s essential for you to learn about them too.
Lastly, networking with other bloggers will also help you build your network and network with people who are in the same field as yours!

Choose a niche and focus on that

niche for blogging career

• Choose a niche and focus on that. Select a topic area for your blog when you first launch it. Without having to stray too far, this is the location where you may write about all of your unique subjects, encounters, and concepts.
• Pick a niche that you are passionate about. It will be difficult for you to write regularly and with interest in what you are actually doing if you do not have a passion for the craft.
• Pick a niche that has enough readers. You should look at trends online to see if there is enough of an audience for what you want to write about before deciding on it as your niche. The more popular your niche is the more people will read what have written and therefore bring traffic back to your site which will help monetize it later on down the road!
• Pick a niche that has enough advertisers. You need advertising dollars from companies who want exposure through blogging so pick one with lots of potential clients available already or build up relationships with companies who could benefit from sponsoring certain posts at some point–this takes time but it’s worth it in the long run!

Set up your blog and make it look professional.

You must first decide on a blogging platform. There are several alternatives available, but WordPress is often regarded as the best for novices since it is simple to use and adaptable enough for larger, more advanced projects. For now, though, you’ll want the more basic option:
Next up: choosing a domain name. Your domain name should be simple and memorable. However, don’t get too hung up on it—you may alter it later if you choose to take a different path!
It’s important that your blog looks professional from its very first day online. Make sure your blog has a clean design that’s cohesive with the content of your site. Use colors that complement each other and fonts that are easy to read (not a script font unless you’re an expert at choosing fonts). As far as stock photography goes, stay away from cheesy stuff like “beautiful girls laughing”. Go with something more sophisticated (again… think about what kind of person will be reading your blog).
Don’t worry if this seems like too much labor. There are many free templates available; just make sure they’re not too dated-looking or outdated in terms of coding standards – which could slow down loading times for readers on mobile devices

Create your marketing plan

create your marketing plan

To start your blogging career, you need a marketing plan. Whether that is solely on social media or with digital marketing techniques will depend on your budget and the type of blog you want to run.
Social media is an easy way to promote your blog and reach a large audience. There are several free social networking networks accessible, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Depending on your niche, you may be more successful in getting traffic from one platform than another. Some even do well with all of them!
Digital Marketing refers to the usage of online marketing strategies such as email marketing and paid advertising to help increase traffic and sales for businesses online—in this case your blog. This can also include websites such as Google AdWords or programs like Upwork that allow you to hire freelancers for specific jobs like writing articles about certain topics on their website that relate directly back to your own content (and thus get people interested). Digital Marketing techniques can be expensive depending on what route you choose so consider this carefully before making any decisions–especially if they will affect future business plans as well!
When creating a plan it’s important that it’s in line with both goal(s) and budgeting requirements so make sure those things are set up first before moving forward into other areas such as content creation methods (which we’ll talk about next!).

Use social media Promotion for your blog

While using social media might be difficult, it’s crucial to remember that if you’re active on a number of related websites, more people will likely follow you and be interested in your postings.
Use the right platforms for your blogging, and be consistent with posting articles. If you want readers to know what type of content you produce, you must advertise these posts through multiple social media channels.

Use the right keywords in order to enhance the visibility of your post

• Use the right keywords to enhance the visibility of your post. This is one of the best tips for blogging. If you want people to find your blog, then you must use relevant keywords in the title and throughout your post. If your article is on how to start a blog, for instance, the term “how to start a blog” should appear many times in both the title and the body of the post.
To get ideas regarding topics and keywords related to them you can use the keyword planner tool.
• Keyword stuffing is not a good SEO practice so keep it in mind while choosing appropriate keywords for your article and try not to overuse them because there are chances that Google would penalize you for doing this.

research keywords for blogging career

Participate in discussions, forums, and events related to your field of expertise

• Participate in relevant forums: By joining a forum within your niche of interest, you’re able to connect with other experts in the same field, and can learn more about what is happening in that space. You can start your own discussion thread, which will make people aware of your knowledge and expertise on the topic. In addition, by following ongoing discussion threads you can absorb a lot of information on different aspects of the subject. By adding value to the conversations that are taking place within these forums, you can show people in your niche that you know what’s going on and how it relates to them.
• Attend events: The best way to connect with established industry leaders is to attend conferences or meet-ups related to your field of expertise. These gatherings offer a great opportunity for getting noticed by those already within the industry; not only does this help grow your business but also helps gain invaluable knowledge from these experienced professionals who have already made their mark in their chosen field.

The process is not very difficult and requires hard work

Starting a blog is not very difficult. Since I’ve been blogging for more than five years, I can attest to the fact that starting a blog is now a lot simpler than it formerly was. You may use WordPress or Blogger, however, WordPress is the better choice if you require more flexibility and power. Because it allows you total control over your website, which is essential when creating a long-term project like a blog, WordPress is superior.
The process of starting a blog has become much easier over the years with so many platforms that make setup easy such as WordPress, Blogger, and Square Space among others. The biggest challenge for new bloggers tends to be deciding on what topic they want their blog about before starting it up.

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